As Victoria’s leading stallion station, Mornmoot can offer a full service to its customers - from breeding horses, raising horses and also providing a yearling marketing/sales service.

The standing stallions at Mornmoot are of the highest international pedigree (including French, English, Irish and American). In this current season 300 mares are being serviced at the stud (30% walk-ins). Click here for more information about current standing stallions.

Mornmoot has a strong tradition and history of producing champions. High quality land and lush green pastures in the area as well as availability of top class trainers provide an ideal environment for raising horses.

Mornmoot Marketing
Each season Mornmoot presents a crop of outstanding yearlings at the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Mornmoot also has accumulated considerable experience in marketing outside of the traditional means via established contacts and networks in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. This service is designed to link discerning customers with international breeding. Mornmoot Marketing offer this exclusive service to owners of mares that are serviced at the Mornmoot stud.

In order to expertly support these services, Mornmoot boasts the following facilities:
- Residential Vet
- A sophisticated Vet suite containing the latest scanning equipment and other aids
- Master Farrier Service
- Up to 20 Experienced Staff

Contact Mornmoot to find out how we can assist you.


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